Saturday, December 13, 2008

The We Love Connor and Tavvi Party

The We Love Connor and Tavvi Party

  • When: Tuesday morning at 5am and all day
  • Where: 14894 SE Hemmen Ave, Clackamas Oregon
  • CALL: 503-658-6362

Come, bring the family, bring food and games and musical instruments! We are going to come together in play, music, and support. Our home is very accommodating for children of all ages.

PLEASE pass this on. Word-of-mouth... friends of friends and distant acquaintances are still our COMMUNITY.

******I want to be very clear: This is a support effort. We are NOT standing in the way of a court order, we are supporting two children with love, comfort, strength, and presence.

From my understanding, Virginia may have every legal right under State and Federal law to make this order and enforce it, no matter how heartbreaking and absurd it is. I also understand the obligation to provide reunification services to biological parents. Even though the children have been here for so long, because the parents both live in Virginia and there was pre-existing cases that question custody, they are thus the home state for the case regardless of where the children are and apparently regardless of the children's wishes, time lived here, and documented recommendations. I plan to continue to beg, plead, bribe, yell for a relinquishment and seek permanency with me, here in Oregon. What I do not want to do is harm any of the kids in any possible way, or have the courts refuse us based on our efforts being seen as illegally violating an enforceable court order.

So, to the point - give us your good vibes! Lets outreach, support, and make a fuss and hope that enough energy in one direction will help make things MOVE... but please help me in doing this with the utmost respect to the situation and basic politeness and an understanding that this is not a hostil standdown but rather a supportive party for two children facing a force that is so disproportionate to themselves.


  1. I am so sorry this is happening and I am feeling pain for you right now. I will pray for you. Love, Bobi (Sara's sister)

  2. You have all of our support, wishes, love, energy, prayers, and more. Your family deserves to stay together...VA is making a huge mistake. Here's to the possibility that love will conquer all and human kindness can intervene. Tavi, Connor and Wes should have that much and a universe more. Best of everything, SAGE Love

  3. We will be there, even if I have to inch down the road for hours over the ice.