Sunday, December 14, 2008

A snapshot...

NOTE: Scroll to the bottom of the page, or click HERE, to read the full story - Connor and Tavvi do NOT want to be ripped away from their home, family, and life!

To know them is to love them, that is for sure. Michael (16), Wes (14), Connor (12), Tavvi (9) and Zion (5) are kids that no one ever forgets.

We are a unique family; we say that we are a "Photoshopped family" when people give us confused looks upon introduction. What we have is special - and it is at risk of being ripped away from us.

Here is a snapshot taken out of time:

Connor and his little brother, Zion (my biological son, age 5), colored their hair together earlier this year. It all washed out, but we have the pictures to remember it by!

One of Tavvi's best friends, Raven, came over this day. She brought her camera and took a few pictures that serve as a great snapshot into the special relationship between Connor, Tavvi, and Zion.

All 5 of the children in our family are very close - they all attend the same therapeutic school, and spend a lot of their time skating, going to the movie theater, going bowling, enjoying dinning out (that is a favorite for all of us!), and going over to Aunt Jenna's house to hang out with their cousins and their favorite dude, Uncle Tom.

But, there is a special and unique relationship between Connor, Tavvi, and Zion. These three "camp out" and slumber party in Connor's big bedroom or the living room - make snacks and watch cartoons... they share friends, play imagination games, and are hardly ever apart.

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