Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Do I Do? How Do I Help?!


Katie Wargo - 971-678-8290
Katie is Tavvi's therapist and works directly with DHS in both states, speaks weekly to the biological parents, and has spoken and submitted recommendations to court. She would be the FIRST person to contact, in my opinion, as she can be a little more open with her communication and information than some others involved.

Jennifer is one of Tavvi's therapeutic mentors. 503-729-2431
Kinsey is one of Tavvi's therapeutic mentors. 715-499-1199
These women have been a DAILY part of our lives for a year now.

Kelly Ingles
Social Service Specialist-Permanency
Beaverton-CW/SDA 16
Phone: (503) 277-6655
She is our case worker in Oregon and has been for a long time. She is appalled at this situation and is working to shake anything loose that she can in the way of a stall, emergency hearing, injunction, or better advocacy for the children. Kelly is very professional and practices boundaries based on her job fist, feelings and opinions second, but for that very reason is trusted by our family and we hold her in very high regard.

Case # is HN18847 "Joanna Enderlin"

Judge name: E. Preston Grissom
Presiding Judge Chesapeake Circuit Court

The children's GAL, Pat Cannon, can be reached at 757-409-8189 cell, e-mail She is a legal advocate for the kids in the state of Virginia, and she opposed this decision to move the children.

The school which the children attend is Village Free School.
Their phone number is 503-788-3935. The staff here know our children very well and the community support is huge.

One of the best ways to help..? CALL AND EMAIL THE MEDIA!!!

Here is a link to Oregon media:
Oregon Media

Here are the media contracts that I have - I have replied but I have not received anything back:

Dear Stephanie,

I would like to interview you for the KBOO evening news about this.
What is a good time to contact you and what is your phone #?
Please keep me posted on the details and updates.

Anna Keith


We want to talk to you tomorrow…

Anne Yeager


A person in our community started a blog and active effort to support and help Connor and Tavvi. Please visit:

This blog is more of a "call to action"... Mary, the creator of has included many ideas and contacts for ways to help bring awareness to our family's situation. Please visit her blog.

Also, if you do not want to personally email or call state representatives and media (I am very sensitive to comfort levels of "drama" and involvement) but would still like to show support, please consider leaving a comment on our blog. Also, if you have your own blog, Myspace, or website, PLEASE consider adding this link:

  • Please visit Sara's blog. What she wrote about our family is beautiful and true. Thank you, Sara.
  • A HUGE thank you to Pete and Fitz for their writeup on the Front Rock Review!

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  1. If funds are needed for legal representation or anything else for this family, may I suggest: Open an account at a bank in their names which people can donate into. If it could be turned into a non-profit, all the better. An attorney would probably need to be consulted or maybe the bank officer.