Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Family's Support Network is Huge!

Skating with Uncle Tom:

Our whole family often goes to Aunt Jenna and Uncle Tom's house in Gresham. Their 7 year old son, Caleb, looks up to Wes and Connor as role models and is influenced by his relationship with them, daily - as Caleb also goes to the same school as our family!

Pictured here is Caleb, Uncle Tom, and a great picture of Wes skating on the ramp Tom built in his back yard, with direct influence from Connor and Wes.

Our Kids Love Their School!

Michael, Wes, Connor, Tavvi, and Zion all go to the same private school: Village Free School. Tom and Jenna's son Caleb also attends the school and is in the same Home Room as Zion.

The children thrive in their school and have made friendships and connections that are supportive and strong. Tavvi has several "best friends" and often writes long stories with each friend as a character. These friends love her, and the bond that they share is amazing. Tavvi has a birthday party to attend next week, and a Christmas party coming up - she does not want to miss these!

Connor is excited about the Doctor Who club that he is starting at school after Christmas break; a lot of people have signed up! Connor, Wes, and Michael are all signed up for some really great classes after the break, including a study into commercialism and botany. Click HERE to meet the amazing staff at the school. These are people that love Tavvi and Connor and have been important in their daily lives.

Friends In The Community:

Wes, Connor, and Michael have made friends over the years. I am always surprised and pleased at how well they choose their friends and the type of powerful relationships they have made. Many of these kids have become like extended family... they come with us on trips and outtings, attend activities, and even come over for holidays. Tavvi has developed close friendships with several girls - something that used to be a challange is now taken for granted.

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